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Our Promise

Founded in 1914 by the present owners grandfather Thomas Groocock, Padders is still a family owned and run business with the same values and standards that the Padders' brand is famous for. Our greatest assets are our Padders' People, who have a passion and dedication to delivering the very best. Our vision, inspired by the values and standards established in 1914, is to produce high quality shoes that don't compromise comfort for style. We pride ourselves on our quality and customer service and are committed to delighting our customers.

Family Values

Throughout these decades of change, the firm remains very much a family affair. Family members Jo West (Customer Services Manager), Kate Rowe (Shop Manager) handle the day-to-day running of the company. Jane Garner, (John Groocock's daughter) oversees the Account department along side Steve Valentine (Chairman). The company is still run with the same values and standards the Padders brand is famous for and will be for many years to come. 


Stepping back through the decades - a stroll through Padders' past.

Northamptonshire has always been at the heart of the British Footwear Industry, plentiful in the raw materials - water, wood and livestock needed in the manufacture of shoes. Most of the towns had shoe factories and it was not uncommon to have several, providing employment to whole families for generations.

The Groocock family, already experienced retailers, owning a General store in Rothwell since 1905, founded their own footwear manufacturing company in 1914. Thomas Groocock was the founder of T.Groocock & Co (Rothwell) Ltd, making traditional welted shoes.

In 1922 the company expanded into a larger factory, and by 1939 the company was doing its bit for the war effort, making army boots and 'utility' men's shoes.

By the late 1950s, the company was working with Densons to produce the famous beetle-crushers and winkle-pickers favoured by the youth of the time. A new factory was built in Rothwell in 1959, and within a few years the company had introduced 24-hour shifts in order to cope with the 3,000 pairs of shoes being manufactured each day.

Fast-forward to the early 70's and it was stack-heel and wedge-platform shoes that were whizzing off the production line, at a volume of 2,000 per day.

In 1982 the company successfully launched the Padders brand with stock backing and direct to the retailer service, aiming to deliberately move away from high fashion towards a more mature market that was steadily expanding. At this important time in Groocock's history, Padders created their feelgoodfeet concept. feelgoodfeet was and still is, all about exceptional comfort and support which was independently recognised by the industry's premier research and testing organisation SATRA; who gave Padders feelgoodfeet one of the highest ever scores, in their footwear Comfort Index tests. Such was demand that by 1987 there were four plants in action, producing well over one million pairs in that year alone.

In 1990 the Rothwell Factory Shop opened its doors to a quality and cost-conscious public in search of good value, well made shoes.

Opened in October 2004 our 42,000 square feetpremises, distribution facility and retail factory outlet, is set to fast-forward Padders into a new era of footwear production. Around 50 people are employed, including core management teams in sales, customer service and planning.

Padders are going from strength to strength supplying 1000 nationwide independent retailers with a wide range of men's and ladies comfort footwear, raising the brand awareness with the consumer and developing important links with Healthcare professionals.



Padders has a commitment to the community, supporting local charities such as Cransley Hospice as well as national and international charities - Unicef and the Hope Foundation in India.


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Write: Padders, Kettering Parkway East, Venture Park, KETTERING, NN15 6WY

Call: 01536 534977

Email: sales@padders.co.uk


Padders' reputation is based on over 100 years experience of quality shoemaking, coupled with a forward thinking strategy and considerable investment in technology and innovation. Padders have the concept of comfort so well sewn up that feelgoodfeet™ is our very own trademark. It's a word that sums up our unique approach to creating the ultimate in comfy footwear for men and women, with styles and materials based on exhaustive research into the physiology of feet. Using our own systems of design and manufacture, we've gone right back to basics to work out how shoes can be made lighter, more comfortably supportive and durable. Result - feet that feel good from dawn 'till dusk!

Most of our shoes have leather uppers, linings and cushioned leather insoles. They are made for maximum comfort with padded collars around the heel to perfectly support the foot. Most of Padders shoes are also adjustable, to facilitate easy access and ease of use. A wider fitting is made possible by removal of the footbed. This also allows orthosis to be added where required.

Here at Padders we offer a huge range of men's and ladies wide fitting, comfort leather footwear. A variety of lace up and touch and close casual walking shoes with leather uppers, linings and insoles. The soles are made from PU giving a hard wearing, lightweight sole.

Elegant evening shoes made from super soft nappa leathers in beautiful designs.
Ankle and full length soft leather boots with low heels - great for town or country.
Memory foam slippers in a huge range of colours - beige, navy, teal, pink, burgundy, brown, black ,camel, pink, lilac and red.
Wellingtons in great fun designs.
Stylish leather sandals available all year round.
Traditional 'welted' look designs that fit perfectly from the first moment you put them on.