Family Values

Although footwear design and manufacturing processes have changed greatly over the decades, our Padders brand remains very much the same as it ever was - a real family affair.

Founded in 1914 by Thomas Groocock, many members of the Groocock family still work in the business including the founder’s great-granddaughters Jo West (Brand Manager), Kate Rowe (Groococks Retail Outlet Manager) and Jane Garner (Company secretary). With such a strong foundation to build upon, Padders will always keep their family values close to their hearts and we are proud to reflect these principles throughout the business.

Customer service is such a large part of what makes Padders unique and we see great value in treating our customers like family. We are strongly focused on portraying ourselves as a loyal, reliable brand and the name Padders was the inspiration of Sylvia Groocock, Jo and Kate’s mum, who saw great potential in the comfort footwear market. The company even chose to use a dog as their mascot for many years, evoking a great sense of loyalty and faithfulness.

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Family Values

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