Healthy Footwear Guide

The Healthy Footwear Guide are responsible for accrediting footwear and promoting the guide to professionals, trade customers and the general public, alongside promoting the features of footwear that will provide long-term benefits to your wellbeing. They believe that quality shoes for men and women are a must when it comes to promoting healthy feet and that’s why it’s important to understand the features of your chosen shoe.

The Healthy Footwear Guide aims to;

  • Help people to recognise the key features of footwear that will most likely offer a healthy and comfortable fit
  • Encourage companies to manufacture shoes with these key features
  • Help people find shoe stores that can advise on the correct fit of this footwear
  • Offer advice to people who cannot get to a shoe store on the key fitting properties to look for when trying Healthy Footwear Guide recommended footwear

Key features of the Healthy Footwear Guide include promoting adequate width and depth for normal foot function, comfortable soles, flexible upper linings and stable heels. At Padders, we welcome these guidelines and use them to direct our designs ensuring we can offer comfortable shoes for all our customers. Look out for their logo whilst browsing our range.

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