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Excessive foot pain can be debilitating and often removes any joy experienced by walking - an activity extremely important to our health and well-being.

What are Padotics?

Leading podiatrists suggest that 80% of people would benefit from orthotic insoles to improve foot posture when walking and standing. They simply sit on top or replace the original shoe insole to create a more supportive and corrective footbed within the shoe.

After years of research Padders technicians have developed a new range of orthotics to do just that. Designed to fit into most footwear our range of Padotics orthotics can offer almost instant relief. 

What are Padotics?

How do they work?

Padotics feature a combination of heel and metatarsal pad supports, which relieve foot pressure and pain while providing total foot comfort. Choosing Padotics will help to stabilise, support and realign your feet back to a natural position. For optimum results and comfort, we recommend using Padotics in conjunction with Padders Padotic Friendly footwear.


Tri-layer technology

Micro-fibre Top Layer
Reduces friction and moisture to help safeguard against odour-causing bacteria

Cork and rubber core
Moulds to your feet providing maximum support and comfort

Heel cup
Provides stability for the heel and extra cushioning to absorb the forces from day to day activities.

Our Padotics Range

All of our Padotics have subtle and tolerable contours making them easy to fit into all of our shoes. They are available in full and half-length for precision comfort and are transferable from shoe to shoe. 


Neutral heel and arch support

Improves overall foot posture and offers superb comfort

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Neutral heel with arch and metatarsal support

Improves overall foot posture, offers superb comfort and reduces pressure at the ball of the foot.

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Posted heel with arch support and metatarsal support

Improves foot pressure, reduces excessive pronation, offers superb comfort and reduces pressure at the ball of the foot.

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Posted heel with arch support

Improves foot posture, reduces excessive pronation and offers superb comfort.

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The ultra low profile designed to fit formal shoes and shoes with heels. Supports and realigns your feet to avoid pain, such as pressure at heel and ball of foot.

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Diabetic Friendly

Comfortable and lightweight, made from Plastazote which allows your feet to breathe and keep them warm, but avoids residue.

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Padotic Friendly Shoes - Designed to take our Padotics perfectly, with no loss of fit -

Our Padotics have been designed and developed in partnership with our collection of Padotics Friendly shoes. These dual-fit designs feature two insoles, one of which can be removed and replaced with a Padotics insert, ensuring no loss of fit and excellent comfort. This revolutionary system is the ultimate choice for all-day comfort. Our Padotics Friendly range includes both laced and Velcro shoes as well as boots, so there’s sure to be a style to suit your taste.

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