Fitting Chart

It can be difficult to know your exact shoe size without measuring properly and it’s suggested that nearly half of us are wearing wrongly sized shoes. Poorly fitted footwear, both in terms of length and width, can cause many problems. At Padders, we specialise in wide and extra-wide fit shoes with widths available from E to 6E for women and from F to K for men, giving you an abundance of choice when it comes to shoe size.

To easily measure your feet at home place your heel against a wall and lay a flat object across the length of your longest toe. Measure the length in mm and choose the longest foot for your final size. To measure the width of your foot, stand on a firm surface and wrap a flexible tape measure around the widest part of your foot – near the big and little toe joints. Record the length in mm and choose the widest foot for the final result by using the fit chart. We cannot guarantee the perfect fit of our shoes due to variances in foot shape and product style, so please use this chart as a guide only.

Padders Fitting Chart Padders Fitting Chart Padders Fitting Chart

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