Padders Plus+

Our premium collection of footwear, recommended by footwear consultants, takes comfort to a new level.

The ultimate choice in adjustable comfort

We’ve carefully designed a collection of footwear, branded as Padders Plus+, to cater for those needing extra flexibility when choosing their footwear. The generous fittings and removable second insoles of all shoes in the collection, make use of our dual-fit system, allow for the insertion of our specialist Padotics for added support when on your feet.

The Padders Plus+ collection features a range of footwear to suit every occasion including outdoor shoes, slippers and sandals for both men and women. Removable insoles can provide extra width and depth or can be replaced with orthotics such as our range of Padotics.

Every shoe in the Padders Plus+ range is created with super soft leather, providing an enhanced wearing experience without the discomfort associated with new shoes.

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