Padders has a commitment to the community, supporting local charities such as Cransley Hospice as well as national and international charities

Cransley Hospice raises money to ensure patients, families and carers can be supported through a life-limiting illness. They are committed to providing exceptional holistic care to patients within North Northamptonshire and are dependent upon the generosity of their many supporters. Each year Padders colleagues write a festive message to their colleagues and instead of sending cards, donate that money to the Cransley Hospice.

Every year, the feelgoodcafe, situated inside our retail outlet in Kettering, takes part in the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning in support of Macmillan Cancer Support. The event is always a huge success thanks to our generous customers and members of staff. 

Padders also works closely with The National Police Aid Convoys, a group of volunteer aid workers led by the reputation of the UK Police collecting redundant equipment, clothing, shoes and medical equipment to supply to the developing world and disaster areas.

NPAC was founded in 1993 by David Scott, a retired Police Inspector. Each year, David and his volunteers collect hundreds and thousands of our men’s and women’s shoes to send to disaster areas around the world. Padders’ shoes are taken predominantly to rural Africa, but also to the developing areas of Pakistan, Nepal, as well as closer to home, to the current refugee crises in Europe and Syria.

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